Closed-loop services

The global leader in compounding high performance polymers

After establishing two main partnerships with Arkema & Solvay Specialty Polymers which drives Agiplast as an important player in the closed-loop services, our company decides to offer this solution to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). Indeed, thanks to a market analysis, Agiplast noticed that product manufacturers produce a lot of goods that the value could be increased.

Therefore Agiplast has created a closed-loop service which could transform the unusable goods into raw material.

This made to measure reprocessing includes the following production steps: 

  1. Sorting of the incoming goods
  2. Grinding
  3. Washing
  4. Metal separation
  5. Batch Homogeneity analysis (viscosity, colour Lab)
  6. Compounding
  7. Cross contamination and metal presence analysis
  8. Lab control and quality certificate acc. to customer specification
  9. Packing in octabin or bag

We take into account the logistics; therefore the goods are collected EXW (Ex Works) and delivered DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) no matter where the customer is.

Closed-loop services