Core business

The global leader in compounding high performance polymers

Founded in 1994, AGIPLAST, as a privately owned company, has become a world leader in compounding high performance engineering plastics.


The headquarters of the company are located in Paris, France and Milano, Italy while the production plant is located in Casalbuttano (CR), Italy where 100% of the products are manufactured. Through its business offices in Europe, China, India, Brazil & USA, AGIPLAST offers a worldwide presence in order to develop new markets, assist its customers and propose the best services & support. Thanks to its intensive international activity, AGIPLAST exports worldwide its high quality products in most of European, American and Asian countries.


In 2008, AGIPLAST partners with ARKEMA to create an exclusive partnership offering compounding services and compounded polymers Rilsan® (PA 12/Nylon 12 & PA 11/Nylon 11) and Pebax® (Peba) marketed under the trademarks Rilsan® Rcycle and Pebax® Rcycle.


In 2013, AGIPLAST partners with SOLVAY SPECIALTY POLYMERS to create a partnership offering compounding services & compounded Solef® PVDF Resins marketed under the trademark Fluorloop.