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Continuous tests

Around 35 tests are made during the compound process to control the products quality.

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Certificate of analysis

For eatch batch produced, the certificate of analysis is provided to the customers.

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Trials on a sample

Manufacturing of tube or specimen in accordance with the application of the customer.




Our laboratories

Agiplast’s approval process includes many trials on a sample (tube or specimen) in accordance with the application of the customer.
Basic stress (burst pressure)
Impact strength
Visual aspects

Flammability test

Our products are tested according to the UL 94 and ISC60695-11-10. The sample is positioned vertically. 10 samples by thickness are tested: 1,6 mm and 3,2 mm. Our flame-retardant products are declared compliant with our specifications when the burning stops within 30 seconds on the vertical sample. The total flaming combustion and glowing combustion are also analyzed in the product approval process.

Our raw polymer materials selection

Thanks to highly sophisticated and state-of-the-arts methods & equipment, Agiplast selects cautiously its raw materials which are analyzed continuously all through the compounding process by the laboratory department. Once the final step of the production has begun, around 35 trials are made to qualify each batch.