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Regen- -Erate

agiplast innovation
The regeneration process, which is a quality upszing comparing to usual recycling, makes it possible for the material to have a second life.

Glo- -Bal

agiplast innovation
Our collection platerforms enable Agiplast to collect any post-production or post-consumer product.

As New

agiplast innovation
Bringing back the post-used products into original specifications enables the material to be reintroduced in the same applications.

RGN by Agiplast

The leading feeding brand for polymer compounds.

In exchanging with our customers which were interested in circular economy and wanted to introduced regenerated material into their products, they informed us that their objective was to be believable, in contrast with greenwashing. On the other hand, they were not able to find the right solution.

Therefore we had the idea to create the feeding brand RGN by Agiplast which guarantees the sustainable origin of the material as well as the first choice quality.

It supports our customers in demonstrating the usage of sustainable raw materials and high quality products.

Case studies

Agiplast already partners with circular economy and sustainable oriented customers to provide them a feeding brand which support them in convincing the end-consumers. Discover our case studies.

study 1

Regenerated PA 12 flame retardant for the extrusion of corrugated tubes used for cable protection.

study 2

Regenerated and bio-based PA 11 for cable sheathing used for smartphone charger.

study 3

Regenerated and bio-based PA11 for tennis racquet plastic parts.

study 4

Regenerated and bio-based PEBA and PA11 glass-filled for football shoes outsoles.